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About Kat

Meeting Kat, you will feel a calming centred energy. Her gift is the ability to connect you with that ever present expression in yourself.

Kat became interested in energy from a healing perspective in 1992 out of a deep stirring to live in harmony with her life purpose. Thus began explorations in various healing modalities and healthier lifestyles.

Kat is a Master Reiki Practitioner Initiated in the Usui Reiki tradition, a Yoga Teacher, combining her knowledge of Ashtanga, Yin and Yoga Therapy in the Krishnamacharya traditions, a Craniosacral Therapist and a Nutritional Cleansing Coach. Trained under a South African traditional healer and with Sacred Women International, Kat is practised in ancient African principles that inspire leadership, abundance and living life fully and intentionally, Kathleen shares with you a variety of teachings to guide you in awareness of your breath, movement, universal laws, principals, philosophies and practices.

According to Kat, "Our whole universe is energy, the source of which is Divine. We are an aspect of this energy and therefore Divine. Our thoughts, beliefs, creativity through work and play, the state of our health on all levels are expressions of our energy." Kathleen believes that intention has a direct effect on the BodyMindSpirit and that all things work together in service of your highest good. Combining intention with conscious use of energy Kat will guide you to an extraordinary experience of yourself that will be a healing.

Based in Toronto, Kat offers her services throughout the Greater Toronto Area and York and Durham Regions.

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